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We conduct VLSI training programs at the client site. An induction program for fresh engineers to specialized courses; we deliver them at your door step with best of trainers, training material and lab equipment.

Residential National VLSI (Faculty) Development Centre (NVFDC), VNIT, Nagpur

National VLSI (Faculty) Development Centre (NVFDC & NVDC) is an entity born to build the right microelectronics (VLSI) ecosystem in the country by focusing on building the required skills. The mandate was for training the faculty in the technical education institutes of the country. We are now making it available to students who want to improve their VLSI skills and be more in sync with the job market. NVFDC has come about through the feedback of Ministry of HRD Government of India, NPIU, Department of Science & Technology Government of India, IIT, Ministry of IT etc.

The two courses that are currently being run at NVFDC are:

  • Advance Diploma in VLSI (ADV); this is for faculty member sponsored by their respective institutes; this is open to Diploma, Undergraduate and PG faculty members. Admission application are available every month. This is run under National VLSI Faculty Development Centre (NVFDC).

  • PG Diploma in VLSI; this is available to final year or undergraduate engineers/B.Sc./MCA./M.S. This is run under National VLSI Development Centre (NVDC).   

All the courses are residential, so as to create an ecosystem that enables students to focus on learning and hands-on experience at the laboratory. The laboratory has all the tools available with the Industry and is one of the countries best labs for VLSI training, teaching & research. It is a state of art high technology VLSI laboratory and a star hostel facility with hygienic and nutritious food.   

 The faculty members, who will teach at NVFDC, are some of the best in the world today. The delivery of the course will be at Nagpur; Nagpur is in the center of the country and easily accessible by road as well as air.

We work with all the top global chip design companies, and top technical institutes have deployed our higher education offering like IITs, NITs, JNTU etc in the Education space. Our tools helping defense build indigenous chips. We are committed to improve the electronics ecosystem in India.

Our learning as an organization makes us a good bridge between Industry and Academia. This brings substantial tangible as well as non-tangible benefits to the  students sponsored by self, State Government, University/Institute; and helps them produce engineer’s and academicians inline with the job market as well as industry.

People invited to conducting the current program

a) Prof. (Dr.) Madhav P. Desai

He leverages his industry experience as Principal Engineer, Semiconductor Engineering Group, Digital Equipment Corporation, USA. He has worked extensively on Static Timing Verification, Interconnect Optimization, Logic Synthesis, SRAM Design, and Circuit Optimization and has participated in the development of three generations of Alpha Microprocessors.

Dr. Desai has done his B.Tech. EE from IIT Bombay, M.S . and Ph.D . from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), USA . He is currently a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay.

b) Prof. (Dr.) Rajender Patrikar

He leverages his industry experience at TECH semiconductor in Advance Device Technology Department, Singapore & Institute of High Performance Computing Singapore where he carried research work in the area of CAD for VLSI and nano-electronics. He also worked at Computer-Vision R & D, Pune.  Prior to moving to Singapore, he has been a faculty at IIT Bombay.

Dr. Patrikar has done his Ph.D from Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT  Bombay. He is currently a professor in Electronics and Computer Science Department at VNIT Nagpur.

c) Prof. (Dr.) W.S. Khokle

He is ex-Director of Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI) Pilani and one of the founding fathers of VLSI in India.

His major contributions has been in Semiconductor device research and development & setting up one of the best semiconductor device laboratory in the country. Technological aspects covered the development of 3 micron MOSFET based IC technology on a laboratory scale for the first time in the country. Technology for microwave devices was developed, parametric amplifier with indigenously developed varactor diode led to best paper award of the IETE. The work on superconducting materials and devices led to the best paper award by Indian Cryogenic Council. He is also recipient of NRDC award. He has published over 105 papers in referred journals and more than 100 papers in various conferences.  He has Coauthored 1 book and also  edited, 2 proceedings, International Conf.  He has guided 12 students for Ph.D in the area of electronics.

He is an Emeritus Professor at VNIT Nagpur. He has also taught at IIT Delhi. Dr. Khokle had done his MS and Ph.D in  Electrical engineering from University of Minnesota

d) Prof. (Dr.) S.R.Sathe

He is a Professor in Computer Science department and an expert on teaching Linux. He has done his M.Tech from IIT Bombay  &  Ph.D in the area of distributed computing. He has been teaching in Department of Computer Science VNIT Nagpur for close to two decades.

e) Prof.(Dr.) R.B Deshmukh

He leverages his industry experience as Research and Development Engineer at Spruha Electronic Systems.

From 1998-2004 Co-coordinator Department of Electronics Govt. of India. “Special Manpower Development in VLSI design and Related software” & from

1997-1999 Co-ordinator  Ministry of Human Resource Development _ Thrust area proposal in “Design of Sensors and Transducers”.

He has done his M.Tech from Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay and he has done his PhD. He is faculty in Electronics and Computer Science Department at VNIT Nagpur.

More Professors are being arranged to conduct the program.


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