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Silicon Design shops are increasing across the Globe and specifically in India.  Today we have more than 125 companies operating out of India & this number is just growing. As per Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India; India produced 10,000 Silicon Design professionals against an opening of 50,000. This gap will only grow as more jobs move to India from developed economies.

How to tap this opportunity? Need to invest in producing quality VLSI manpower at our ITI, Diploma institutes, colleges & universities. For that we need to:

  • “Train the trainer”
  • Create Silicon Design Labs with real time Industry tools at the Education Institutes/Universities.
  • Support Research.
  • Bridge the gap between the Industry & Academia; have a collaborative mode between the two

Powai Labs can assist & be your partner for the above.

Powai Labs offers its high technology education products IMAGE series:

  • Embedded & Prefab VLSI tool IMAGE 0.5; single user
  • Embedded & Prefab VLSI IMAGE Lab XX; XX* users

*XX starts from 05 to 50 users and can be increased in the multiple of fives.

These are high technology education products and are used for teaching embedded system, VLSI, System Design, Verification, Validation, HDL, Synthesis, Simulation etc. The tools come with standard simulator, synthesis, P&R bundled with Industry offerings IMAGE, so as to enable education institutes develop and design a chip in-house; and produce man power in sync with the job market and give impetus to high-end research.

IMAGE comes with learning recourses (LR) like set of CD having the recording of IIT Bombay professors lecture series, exercise books to help student design simple to complex chips, with periodic seminars at the institute to bring the latest to the doorsteps of the institute.

We will be conducting an in-depth training for your faculty on VLSI, so that the above tools are used and both faculty & students benefit. This will be done either at IIT, NVFDC Nagpur, at your institute or in a town close to your institute.

From ITI, Diploma, Undergraduate Engineering, PG to PhD/Research, we have education offerings for each segment. It also comes with learning recourse for effective utilization.  The learning resource (LR) and support vary for each segment. IIT Bombay is also using Prefab VLSI tool IMAGE series to deliver education, both inside as well as at distant locations through Centre for Distance Engineering Education Program (CDEEP).

CDEEP has been established to make IIT's courses available to the student and faculty community at large. IIT Bombay is determined to reach out to Technology and Engineering institutions in India and abroad; and disseminate the knowledge which it has in various fields of engineering and science using modern e-learning tools. For more details please visit

We work with all the top global chip design companies. Top technical institutes have deployed our higher education offering like IITs, NITs, JNTU etc in the Education space. Our tools helping defense build indigenous chips. We conduct high-end technical training programs for “training the trainer” or to make manpower more in sync with job market i.e. finishing school. We are committed to improve the electronics ecosystem in India.

Our learning as an organization makes us a good bridge between Industry and Academia. This brings substantial tangible as well as non-tangible benefits to the State, University/Institute with whom we work; and helps them produce engineer’s inline with the job market as well as industry.


IMAGE Reconfigurable Computing Lab

IMAGE Reconfigurable Lab is ideally suited for Research, Training & Teaching.

  • Highest number of reconfigurable devices and processors
  • Onsite support
  • Our team will work with you to customize and load the application.
  • Can be used for a host of applications; that makes is a multidisciplinary resource.

IMAGE Reconfigurable computing Lab is a computing paradigm combining some of the flexibility of software with the high performance of hardware by processing with very flexible high speed computing fabrics like FPGAs. The principal difference when compared to using ordinary processors is the ability to make substantial changes to the data path itself in addition to the control flow.

The logic of an FPGA is determined by a configuration, similar to software, so that an FPGA can be reconfigured to perform a variety of computations without redesigning the hardware.  An FPGA blurs the distinction between hardware and software. The "hardware" fabricated by a foundry is general purpose; consequently they are mass produced and affordable. The logic of an FPGA is also customized by loading a "configuration," which is similar to a software program. High-level configuration languages (in particular, VHDL and Verilog) support FPGA configuration design, and commercial tools like partition of the design (PartIT from Powai Labs), memory extraction (MiRAGE from Powai Labs), forcing a signal to “0” or “1” (ForceIT from Powai Labs), signal visibility tool (HookIN from Powai Labs), simulation and synthesis tools; and processors that compliment the FPGAs i.e. a hybrid of FPGAs and processors.

This IMAGE Reconfigurable Computing Lab can be a joint resource of all the Departments in the Institute like Electronics, Electrical, Computer, Physics, Chemistry or any field that needs higher computational speed. It can address a host of applications and help in high technology research.

Powai Labs team will work closely with the University, Institute, Department or Research Lab to assist in solving complex high technology problem.

  • IMAGE Reconfigurable Lab comes in four configurations

IMAGE Reconfigurable Lab XX; XX* users

*XX starts from 05 and the next configurations are XX= 10, 20 & 30

Powai Labs team will work closely with the University, Institute, Department or Research Lab to assist in solving complex high technology problem.


An in-depth training will be provided to faculty members & support will be provided for research

For more details, please drop us an email at:
us [at] powailabs [dot] com


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