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Honorable HRD Minister Shree Kapil Sibal

Honorable HRD Minister Shree Kapil Sibal with Reapan of Powai Labs


Powai Labs made a presentation on Higher Technical Education and Research to Honorable Union Minister for Human Resource, Shree Kapil Sibal and top officials of the Ministry at Shastri Bhawan on 8th February’2010.

The presentation had some the far-sighted measures that can be adopted to ensure quality and standards in Engineering education, especially microelectronics (VLSI). The pivotal role of education as an instrument of social change and economic progress of civil society is well recognized. The technical education being in sync with the market requirement has become the top priority, especially for India. In India, the non availability of faculty in remote locations of the country and poor infrastructure, especially the Laboratories, has led to crisis in the technical education field. The extension of quality Technical education to remote and rural regions becomes a Herculean task for a large country like India with multi-lingual and multi-cultural population separated by vast geographical distances and in many instances, inaccessible terrain.

The presentation articulated a roadmap on how to make remote locations participate in high technology ecosystem.

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